Sofa Cleaning

The One-Stop Solution You Need For Sofa Cleaning Services

Get a clean specially matched to the type of upholstered furniture that you have in your home or office. This sofa cleaning service offers you multiple methods, all designed to provide a lasting and powerful cleanse of different types of material. With Carpet Cleaning Monkhams you know you’re always getting the best treatment, under full insurance cover, and professional care.

The Reasons We’re the Sofa Cleaners Local People Trust

    Sofa Cleaning

  • Professional, fully trained staff armed with the latest equipment for executing multiple cleansing techniques;
  • Stain pre-treatment is included in your service, and doesn’t cost you anything extra;
  • Carefully vetted sofa cleaners who work under full insurance cover;
  • 24-hour support for all services, so get in touch whenever you have five minutes free;
  • Bank Holiday and weekend options for your appointment, and of course all weekdays are available;
  • A wide array of other high quality services to complete your clean, including oven cleaning and leather cleaning;
  • Free quotes available without obligation to use us to clean afterwards;

What’s Included In Your Sofa Cleaning Services

Your sofa cleaning services will be use a different method depending on the type of fabric that you have covering your armchairs, couches, or other items:

For natural fabrics like jute or sisal we recommend dry fabric cleaning. This is delivered onsite using special chips which require no liquid cleansers to give your furniture a spectacular cleanse. All dirt and dust can be simply hoovered away after cleansing.

For artificial materials and blends we usually suggest hot water extraction – more commonly known as steam cleaning. Delivered in place right where your items are, this process accomplishes a deep-down clean using a heated water and detergent mix. There is a drying time of around three hours, but we do offer air mover hire to speed up this process – or you can simply open as many windows as possible.

All cleansing can be followed by the application of one of Scotchgard’s advanced fabric protection formulations. We highly recommend these for increased fabric care in the future.

The Easy Way to Book

We offer several booking options, ensuring that you can get in touch to make your booking at your convenience. Simply pick up your phone and dial 020 7846 0554 or contact us using our online booking form. Whichever method you choose, you can get a free quote on demand 24/7.

Take a look at our home page when you need more information about the options we offer besides sofa cleaning services. Order all of your cleansing simultaneously to get the very best value for money on the appointment you want to book.